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New Venture Competition Announces 2024 Social Enterprise Track Semifinalists

14 Feb 2024

In February 2024, the HBS New Venture Competition received 31 entries to the Social Enterprise Track, from student teams across Harvard University. After an extensive review and deliberation process with social enterprise leaders from across Harvard, the Social Enterprise Initiative just announced the 16 semifinalists in the Social Enterprise Track. These 16 teams will present virtually to a panel of expert judges—including philanthropists, impact investors, capacity building organizations, and social entrepreneurs—in March to determine the finalists. Below you’ll find an overview of the competition and our 2024 semifinalists.


Hosted each year by the School’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship and the Social Enterprise Initiative, in partnership with HBS Alumni Clubs & Associations, the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition is open to all students and alumni interested in launching new business and social impact ventures.

The Social Enterprise Track of the Competition provides an opportunity for students to explore social entrepreneurship and test ideas for social innovation in a rigorous and supportive environment. Graduate students across Harvard University enter with new ventures that drive social change using nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid models. Through February and March student teams progress through several stages of judging, conveying their idea through executive summaries and presentations, and receiving valuable feedback from judges at every stage. The Social Enterprise Track brings together expert judges from the field to evaluate entries based on the idea, its potential for social value creation, and the likelihood of achieving success.


Empowering Bangladesh's youth with digital skills for a brighter future.
M M Zimran Khan, MPA 2024
Ujjwal Kumar, MPA 2024
Sayid Abdullaev, MPA 2024

An AI-enabled benefits navigation platform that simplifies health and social benefits for millions of underserved families.
Jinal Shah, MBA/MPP 2024
David Velasquez, MBA/MPP 2023, MD 2024
Max Fisher
Irene Jiang, MPP 2024

Happy Journey Academy
Revolutionizing senior care through entrepreneurship.
Sally Su, MBA 2024
Jamie Gong, MBA 2024

A platform for verified medical professionals to anonymously chat, ask, or vent.
Mariam Baqai, MBA 2024
Suleman Khan

Addressing stunting, empowering community with organic fruit farming, and meeting urban demand sustainably.
Farand Anugerah, MBA 2025

Made to Uplift
A mobile app that helps lonely individuals remember they are loved and valued.
Shiva Velingker, MBA 2025
Reyna Pacheco Rios, MBA 2025
Zelma Garza

Democratizing access to the carbon market for businesses, especially those in the Global South.
Grace Lam, MBA/MPP 2024
Mar Velasco

Orisa AI
The copilot for emergency response managers in times of crisis.
Sana Mojarradi, MBA 2025

Proxy Health
Aiming to simplify healthcare access forms so that patients and their caregivers can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on actual care coordination.
Dora Chu, MBA 2024

Recursive Health
Revolutionizing cancer screening through tech-enabled patient engagement.
Brandon Busuito, MPA 2024
Brian Ayers

Transforming water access for DoD, disaster relief, and global communities plagued by water insecurity.
Jake Sortor, JD/MBA 2025
Connor Ratcliffe, MBA 2024
Caroline Sabatt, MBA/MPP 2025
Justin Kan, MPA 2025

Pioneering sustainable biopolymer production.
Hande Ilhan, MBA 2025
Jakob Spiess, MBA 2025

Providing an on-demand solar irrigation service to Indian farmers, increasing their access to affordable, reliable, and clean irrigation.
Rea Savla, MBA 2024
Vishesh Mehta

Comprehensive platform to help companies get and stay ADA or EAA compliant based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
Michael Bervell, MBA 2024
Jason Tan

The School and Beyond Foundation
Promoting STEM education among Black youth for their advancement and the benefit of society.
Charles Odei, MBA 2024

Trans Health HQ
A tool built by the trans community that addresses clinicians’ barriers around learning and advocacy.
Ivan Hsiao, MPH 2024